It’s clear

We are the creators of our own universe, if we choose.

Sometimes, when I am confronted with a challenge, I know exactly what I need to do. Intellectually it is not difficult. What’s most difficult for me is actually doing it.

A lot of the time it’s not a motivation issue, it’s more of a second-guessing issue. I don’t trust myself or the plans I make and change my mind at the last minute or procrastinate my time away to avoid making a decision and sticking with it. Approaching a challenge in an unconventional way scares me and induces a mental paralysis and energy drainage. I feel week when I succumb to this phobia (a purely irrational fear).

Perhaps it’s the fear that consistent attempts to ignore what I’ve been told and do it my way will backfire and I’ll learn the hard way that things are as they are because the alternatives do not work. Of course, this itself can’t be true. Just because we are alive in this moment, doesn’t mean history is over. We are creating it. What we do differently today, regardless of the intrinsic risk and threat of failure, may be the way of the future.  I need to remember, that by challenging the status-quo I am contributing to societal progression.

I want to be a innovative citizen, not a passive observer of “what is” instead of striving for “what ought to be.”

Too many of us self-sabotage. We fear ourselves and the power we possess in the amazing organ called our brain. It’s as complex as our galaxy itself, yet we fear the exploration of its full potential daily. What might we find? Will we let the brilliance be blinding and fear evoking or illuminating to the extraordinary things we could create if we embraced the temporary risk and uncertainty in the now?